July 16, 2024

New Zealand maritime workers support Australian workers at DP World

The Maritime Union of New Zealand says it is backing the Maritime Union of Australia in their dispute with DP World 100%.

Maritime Union of New Zealand National Secretary Craig Harrison says Australian port workers at DP World have the full support of New Zealand maritime workers.

Industrial action has occurred at DP World terminals in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Fremantle as port workers press for wage increases to counter cost of living hikes. 

Mr Harrison says it is hypocrisy for employers to be attacking workers seeking reasonable wage increases, while companies like DP World ratchet up giant profits for their owners – in this case the Royal Family of Dubai.

He says there are strong ties between maritime unions in Australia and New Zealand.

Mr Harrison says DP World has come under increasing scrutiny in Australia and elsewhere for its business practices.

Although one of Australia’s two largest port operators, a recent report found DP World has paid no tax in Australia despite generating revenue of more than AU$4.5 billion over eight years.

Mr Harrison says it is very concerning that the proposed port privatization at Port of Auckland features DP World as a potential operator. 

He says the behaviour of DP World in Australia by pushing up massive container surcharges, tax practices, and poor workplace relations, were all red flags. 

“Is this the kind of corporate operator we want to give monopoly control of Port of Auckland to?”

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