June 17, 2024

Maritime Union opposes Red Sea military involvement 

The Maritime Union is opposing the decision by the coalition Government to send a detachment of New Zealand military to the Red Sea, after a request from the United States of America.

Shipping in the Red Sea has recently been disrupted by Yemen based Houthi forces carrying out attacks in support of Palestine.

Maritime Union of New Zealand National Secretary Craig Harrison says if the New Zealand Government is concerned about shipping security, there are better places to start.

“The Government just cancelled replacement ferries for the Cook Strait, which is a major threat to New Zealand transport links, so they should try dealing with problems a bit closer to home.”

He says if the Government is serious about protecting New Zealand trade it must rebuild New Zealand shipping to provide resilience and redundancy in the supply chain.

Mr Harrison says the Red Sea maritime conflict had one solution, which was an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and negotiation of a political solution for Palestine.

He says the military involvement by the United States and a small group of Western countries in the Red Sea area could result in more violence and instability.

“Rather than trying to ramp up a war, New Zealand should spend its energies working for peace by defusing the conflict and ending the mass death of civilians especially with the terrible situation in Gaza.”

“As a union representing seafarers we are extremely concerned about the danger all seafarers are facing in the Red Sea, and in the meantime the only option is for shipping to avoid the area.”

The Maritime Union said the response of the Labour Party and Green Party opposing involvement was the correct one.

6 thoughts on “Maritime Union opposes Red Sea military involvement 

  • Thank you for this

  • Thank you for writing this statement and sharing. I am not part of the maritime industry but I am watching on in horror at our actions. I support your stance and this statement. Thank you!!

  • The lsraeli Govt. is clearly out of control
    Sadly. it is supported by the president of a country which has a surplus of weapons and loves to share. This situation is untenable. Further escalating this problem into the Red Sea is dangerous and short sighted. It will only pull the middle east into a regional war. Israel needs to just pull out of Gaza. They are only commiting genocide while Hamas is alive and well. Only Netanyahu is winning. As long as the war continues he is safe from criminal charges. Free Palestine now .

  • Thankyou, from the bottom of my heart. Somebody who speaks up and says what is so patently clear. The Houthis will stop when Israeli forces stop bombing Gaza, stop stealing land, start abiding by International law, , right of return, Freedom of movement and equality for the Palestinian people. The list is long, but it starts with a permanent ceasefire.
    I don’t condone any type of actions that target innocent civilians. This did not start on October 7th. Are we all supposed to be idiots? This is madness. What kind of people are our “leaders”? They do not speak for me.
    Anyway. Thankyou. You are a much appreciated voice of reason.

    • Could not have put it better myself. This is madness and it must stop. We have no business supporting these rabid NATO warmongers and should completely reject NATO and all of their constant invasions around the world.

  • I picketed for MUNZ at Botany NSW some years ago with the MUA. Great to see you are opposing the attack on Houthis who haven’t killed anyone. The problem is the Israeli attack on Gaza. Fix that and shipping will be fine.


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