The Maritime Union of New Zealand can help you in a lot of ways.

  • To make sure you work in safe conditions
  • Get the best employment agreements, including your pay and your holidays
  • Providing legal advice with any problems on the job
  • By representing your views to the Government and campaigning for a better deal for workers
  • With access to superannuation and other membership benefits

You play an important role by input at negotiation time, involvement in job health and safety issues, and having the final say before your terms and conditions are finally agreed upon.

The Maritime Union of New Zealand provides members with on the job help in all employment matters including legal services and personal grievances.

We have experienced negotiators who work with your workplace delegates to achieve the best possible conditions.

As a member you will be able to join collective agreements that are only obtainable through collective strength and organisation.

Our agreements contain better health provisions, retirement benefits, and superannuation.

You can join the Maritime Union by contacting our local branch or by sending us an email.

What is a Union?

A Union is an organization that workers join to get a better deal at work.

When you join the Union, it means you are backed up by all the other Union members: you are part of the team.

The Union can help you with problems at work, and protect you and your job.

The Union will negotiate your employment agreement with the boss. This includes your wages and conditions such as hours of work and holidays.

If you are in the Union, you get a better deal because it means you have more power when dealing with the boss.

The Union has members called delegates in every workplace who represent the Union and can help you: just ask.

The Maritime Union of New Zealand is affiliated to the International Transport Workers Federation.

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