May 20, 2024

Tell the council – don’t privatise the port!

Privatising the port is an incredibly risky plan. There have been all kinds of claims made about sale price, but nobody knows what would actually happen.

What we do know is that in Australia this form of privatisation has cost local economies hundreds of millions of dollars.

Private port companies – the very same companies that would likely bid for the Auckland port – have ramped up fees and that profit has all gone offshore with little or no tax paid on it.

For example, in the last six years individual container fees at the privatised Port of Melbourne have increased from AU$35 to AU$191.

That’s come at a massive cost to Melbourne businesses and the people of Melbourne.

Now Auckland’s economy and people are at the same risk of losing out. It’s time to speak up.

As many Aucklanders as possible need to stand against this disastrous proposal. The council has to consult on this and you can have your say right now. Just add your details in the form and hit send.

Privatisation of the port will:

Put control of, and profits from, this monopoly infrastructure in offshore control

End a significant revenue stream for the council (Port profits) for a generation

Risk the substantial increase of costs on Auckland businesses and the people of Auckland

Lead to substantial increases in infrastructure costs and congestion as more freight is transported into Auckland by road.

If you live in Auckland – make sure you have your say.

Note: this form is for feedback on only the question of the privatisation of the port. To make comment on other areas of the Council’s long term plan such as environment and regulation please click here.

The information provided via this form will be used for the purpose of providing your submission to the Auckland Council and will be handled in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020. The Auckland Council privacy statement is here.