July 16, 2024

Nowhere to hide – new report from ITF campaign for seafarers rights

The Nowhere to Hide Campaign launched by the ITF Australian Inspectorate to expose the exploitation of overseas seafarers on foreign-registered ships and to advocate for legislative and regulatory change has been busy!
MUNZ has been supporting this campaign and will be bringing the campaign to New Zealand waters soon.
Two targeted weeks of action took place in June and November 2023, involving ship inspections and wage recovery for seafarers in NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.
MUNZ delegates attended and took part in the inspections and training.
The campaign identified and recovered a total of $USD 19.9 million in stolen wages from 650 inspections in 2023, half of which was due to non-compliance with the Australian seagoing industry award and coastal trading legislation.
The campaign made several recommendations to the Australian Government to close loopholes, strengthen enforcement, and enhance the information sharing and coordination among compliance bodies to prevent and criminalise wage theft from seafarers.
The new report from the ITF is linked above.

One thought on “Nowhere to hide – new report from ITF campaign for seafarers rights

  • Solidarity with MUNZ members in this campaign. BRAVO ZULU.


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