May 20, 2024
View of colorful containers and cargo cranes in the port. International cargo shipping concept.

Ports of Auckland row damaging to economy

The Maritime Union says the Ports of Auckland is too important to the country to be drawn into a local power struggle.

Mayor of Auckland Wayne Brown today stated he was currently working on replacing the Board of POAL following public disagreements about the performance and future of the Ports.

Maritime Union Auckland Branch Secretary Russell Mayn says it would be a mistake to remove the current Board and a more constructive discussion was needed.

“There are legitimate different views on the future direction of the Ports, but we can’t let its strategic value to Auckland and New Zealand be damaged.”

He says that the current Board and Management have engaged with the workforce and the Ports had a positive future.

“There has been a new focus on good workplace relations and a higher quality of health and safety skill sets on the current Board.”

This was reflected in the recent improved performance of the Ports.

Mr Mayn says the Ports of Auckland should not been viewed as simply a money making venture in itself.

“While POAL can and will deliver returns to its owners, the people of Auckland, it has a much greater value in serving as the major import port of New Zealand.”

Mr Mayn says the Ports are only just recovering from the multiple hits of the failed automation project, COVID and global shipping disruptions.

“The primary goal now should be stability and ensuring a secure supply chain, which means we need to continue the current progress at the Ports of Auckland.”

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