July 16, 2024

Maritime Union offer to continue mediation

The Maritime Union believes that a small amount of progress was made at mediation with Ports of Auckland management over Thursday and Friday this week.

Maritime Union National President Garry Parsloe says that some major issues remain unresolved, however.

He says the Maritime Union has offered to continue with mediation next week and are awaiting a response from Ports of Auckland management.

Mr Parsloe says Ports of Auckland management appear to be locked into a destructive spiral towards disaster with their contracting out and casualization agenda.

“There appears to be no rational basis to it, so perhaps this is part of a wider agenda around the port and privatization.”

At the conclusion of mediation today, Mr Parsloe says while the Union is always open to discussions, there had been no shift in the contracting out plan.

“Unless management pull back from their attack on their workforce, the port will effectively be crippled for an indefinite period.”

Mr Parsloe says until port management address the claims in the collective agreement and drop their plan to outsource jobs, then industrial action will continue.

“Our members are fighting for their families livelihoods and are very aware that this entire attack is about destroying job security and creating a divided and insecure workforce.”


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