Maritime Union releases offer to Ports of Auckland management

The Maritime Union has publicly released the main points of its offer to management to settle the Ports of Auckland dispute.

Maritime Union National President Garry Parsloe says the offer has been made public to counteract misinformation that had been circulated in the public domain.

“This offer is a serious offer which shows very clearly this issue is not about wages, it is about preserving job security for workers with all the benefits that has for families and the community.”

He says it is unusual for the Union to engage in negotiations in public, but management had consistently circulated incorrect material to the media and hostile political interests, so the Union had to ensure its position was not misrepresented.

Mr Parsloe says the Union is ready and waiting to continue negotiations as soon as senior management have returned from their summer holidays.

The main points of the Maritime Union offer to Ports of Auckland management are:


• The existing container shuttles on the Ports of Auckland waterfront to be operated on a 24/7 basis by MUNZ members and provisions can be discussed as to how any overflow could be handled.

Collective agreement

• A realistic percentage increase (suggestion 2.5% for a 6 month term), with the current collective agreement and all terms and conditions including rosters rolled over for the term of the agreement.

• The parties agree to use the Tracc methodology to investigate any changes that can be agreed to improve productivity and rosters over the six month settlement period. This can include other issues such as the sunset clause.

• AA’s to have access to overtime in the lash as per previous policy.

• The Company will not contract out during the term of the agreement.

• The Company agrees to negotiate a schedule into the Collective Agreement that covers the planners, controllers and cargo officers.

• The Union will agree a drug and alcohol policy that is based on Saliva testing in line with its “Not at Work Mate Policy”.

• Casuals will not be used to drive machinery.

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