OECD report pushes discredited anti-worker ideology

The Maritime Union says a just released OECD report on the New Zealand economy is a politically driven document with a right-wing, anti-working class agenda.

Maritime Union of New Zealand General Secretary Trevor Hanson says some of the “market oriented reforms” proposed by the OECD report had been so discredited by the recent economic crisis and past history that it was a surprise anyone could suggest them with a straight face.

“How dare the authors of this report come out and preach policies that end in casualized jobs, long hours, shift work and low wages for New Zealand workers?”

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European dockers victory shows global tide turning against “pirate capitalism”

The Maritime Union says a major Union victory in Europe for job security for port workers signals a turning of the tide in the global maritime industry.

The European Parliament voted overwhelmingly on 18 January 2006 to throw out a plan to extend corporate control over European ports.

On 16 January, 6000 dockers from 16 European countries mounted a strong protest against the plan in Strasbourg, France, in defence of jobs, working conditions, health and safety, and the quality of port services.

Maritime Union General Secretary Trevor Hanson says it is a major victory that was gained by an active campaign by workers – and which has implications for the New Zealand industry.

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