International day of action for dockers

On 7 July 2016 the International Transport Workers’ Federation and International Dockworkers’ Council are organising to observe a global day of action that recognises the important contribution dockworkers make to the global economy, the risks they face at work every day and their growing concerns for the future regarding attacks on their working conditions.

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Maritime Union wants answers to Government involvement in Methyl Bromide organization

The Maritime Union has attacked comments by the group Stakeholders in Methyl Bromide Reduction (STIMBR) which downplays valid concerns about the use of the poison gas.

Maritime Union of New Zealand General Secretary Joe Fleetwood has condemned a statement from STIMBR (1 February 2010) entitled “Gas links with disease unfounded” that asserts there is no proof that methyl bromide is connected with motor neuron disease.

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Maritime Union warns of declining standards on waterfront

Maritime Union General Secretary Joe Fleetwood says employers and Government agencies appear to be turning a blind eye to unsafe working conditions in New Zealand ports.

He says there have been ongoing feedback from workers that paints a picture of a decline in standards in many ports.

Mr Fleetwood says that the recession and increasing competition for available cargo in New Zealand ports means many employers are cutting corners.

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