Budget takes New Zealand transport down the wrong road

The Maritime Union says the budget announced today is a step backward for transport infrastructure.

Maritime Union General Secretary Trevor Hanson says the lack of support for the maritime industry is a glaring omission.

Mr Hanson says the abandonment of the SeaChange strategy to build up New Zealand shipping in favour of building more roads is a bad mistake.

“The Government has poured money into roading as the world hits peak oil and climate change. They are moving in exactly the wrong direction. Shipping is the transport mode of the future that is low-impact, environmentally responsible and cost effective in the long term, but has been sidelined.”

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Shipping plan gets thumbs up

The Maritime Union of New Zealand says the release today of the final domestic shipping strategy “Sea Change” is a positive move for New Zealand shipping.

Maritime Union Vice President Garry Parsloe says the Government’s plans for coastal shipping are moving in the right direction.

He says $36 million of funding for developing coastal shipping over the next four years was a major boost.

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