New Zealand should follow Aussie lead on job protection

The Maritime Union says the New South Wales State Government could teach John Key one or two things about protecting jobs.

Nearly $4 billion worth of NSW government goods and services including uniforms, cars and even trains, will have to be sourced from Australian companies in order to boost local production and jobs, in an upcoming budget annoucement that has been welcomed by Australian unions.

Maritime Union of New Zealand General Secretary Trevor Hanson says this idea should be adopted immediately in New Zealand.

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Maritime Union prepares to defend Auckland jobs

The Maritime Union says a plan to make Ports of Auckland workers redundant will be met with a strong response.

A national executive meeting of the Maritime Union held in Wellington today endorsed national action in support of the workers whose jobs are threatened at Ports of Auckland.

Representatives of the Auckland workers addressed the national meeting which unanimously endorsed industrial and legal strategies to fight job losses.

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Unionize to beat redundancy pain in economic meltdown

The Maritime Union says that membership in a union is the best strategy for workers to get protections at a time of international economic turmoil.

Maritime Union General Secretary Trevor Hanson says that while both major political parties have been outlining pre-election “job transition policies” to assist redundant workers, the best guarantee for workers to do even better was to join a union today.

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