Job losses averted at Port Otago

The Maritime Union of New Zealand says an agreement it has reached with Port Otago Limited is a “win win” situation that will prevent job losses.

Maritime Union National President Phil Adams says a meeting of 150 cargo handlers held yesterday at Port Chalmers voted in favour of a proposal hammered out by the Unions and the Company.

Members of the Maritime Union of New Zealand and the Rail and Maritime Transport Union attended the meeting.

Mr Adams says the proposal will see no compulsory redundancies amongst the workforce.

“We believe the workforce will respond to the Company’s efforts by continuing to ensure a high level of productivity.”

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Port Otago workers reject company restructuring proposal

Port Chalmers stopwork meeting, 12 August 2009

A combined union meeting at Port Otago today voted to reject new restructuring proposals from Port Otago management.

Around 200 union members attended a stopwork meeting at 1pm which halted work around the port and packed the Union hall in one of the largest meetings of recent years.

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Qualified support for South Island ports merger

The Maritime Union of New Zealand has offered qualified support to the merger of Lyttelton Port Company and the Port of Otago announced today.

Maritime Union General Secretary Trevor Hanson says the Union is a strong backer of ports remaining in local control to preserve employment and business opportunities.

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