Secure jobs safe after Port of Napier resolution

Maritime workers are celebrating tonight after a successful resolution of the Port of Napier dispute in mediation this afternoon.

Maritime Union General Secretary Trevor Hanson says the week long dispute had been about secure local jobs being preserved at the port.

“We wanted shipping companies to be able to use stevedores where secure local jobs could be achieved. Shipping companies wanted a solution, we supplied one, and the port is back in action as of now.”

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Global solidarity actions shut down Port of Napier

The Maritime Union of New Zealand has claimed a major victory in its battle to save secure local jobs at the Port of Napier.

The container vessel Canberra Express left the Port of Napier last night (Wednesday 19 December) at approximately 11pm with no cargo discharged after sitting idle at the port.

Maritime Union General Secretary Trevor Hanson says this is a major development in the dispute and a victory for local workers.

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Napier maritime workers boosted by international support

Workers on the Maritime Union picket line at the Port of Napier were told early this morning that tens of thousands of dollars of solidarity donations were flooding in from around the world.

A hardship fund is being set up to look after the workers, many of whom are casual workers, as they face a tough Christmas.

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Employment Court throws out Port of Napier injunction

The Employment Court in Wellington today declined to put an injunction on possible pickets by workers at the Port of Napier as pickets loom over the summer.

Moves by the Port of Napier to contract out stevedoring work threaten 25 permanent and 60 casual jobs, with workers to be thrown on the scrap heap just before Christmas.

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Port of Napier faces national and international industrial action

The Port of Napier faces industrial disruption and international union solidarity actions as local workers prepare to defend their livelihoods.

The Maritime Union of New Zealand says management actions are putting secure local jobs in jeopardy and threatening the future of the port.

A decision by management to contract out container stevedoring will affect around 25 permanent jobs and around 60 casual jobs at Hawke’s Bay Stevedoring Services in the Port of Napier from the start of next year.

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Maritime Union to meet with Port of Napier in jobs dispute

The Maritime Union of New Zealand is stepping up efforts to secure the future of Napier maritime workers.

The four national officials of the Maritime Union are arriving in Napier tomorrow to meet with Port of Napier Limited CEO Garth Cowie at 11am.

The Port of Napier has awarded a container stevedoring contract to out of town company ISO who are a notorious anti-union employer.

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Maritime Union vows national action to save Napier jobs

The Maritime Union is gearing up for national and international action to protect secure local jobs at the Port of Napier.

Members of the Maritime Union employed at Hawkes Bay Stevedoring Services have been threatened with job losses after a container stevedoring contract was awarded to Mount Maunganui based stevedore ISO.

Maritime Union General Secretary Trevor Hanson says the decision by the port company has already generated a major backlash, with a national meeting of the Union today calling for solidarity action with the Napier workers.

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