Maritime Union supports hunger strike by Ukrainian crew

The Maritime Union says a hunger strike by striking Ukrainian crew members in Lyttelton is a “symptom of the disease of exploitation in the fishing industry.”

Four crew members of the eight crew remaining aboard the fishing vessel “Malakhov Kurgan” are locking themselves in a cabin and are going on an indefinite hunger strike.

They are protesting about not being paid the wages that are owed to them under New Zealand law.

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Treatment of Ukrainian Crew a national disgrace

The Maritime Union says that the treatment of a Ukrainian fishing crew in Lyttelton is a national disgrace and a prime example of the problems plaguing the fishing industry.

The crew have been on strike for unpaid wages aboard the fishing vessel Malakhov Kurgan which is laid up in the Port of Lyttelton.

Eight crew members remain on strike aboard after refusing a deal that 19 of their fellow crew members accepted.

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Pink Panther Plan won’t solve ship jumping crews

The Maritime Union says a plan by the Department of Labour to track down ship jumping crews by employing a private investigator is questionable at the least.

Maritime Union General Secretary Trevor Hanson says that private investigators may be in favour of the plan as it will ensure an endless income stream for them in the future, but it would not solve ship jumping.

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