Maritime Union calls for action on Cook Strait ferries

The Maritime Union says that it has had enough of cowboy tactics on the Cook Strait after further revelations of another potential ferry
grounding that was narrowly avoided.

The Union is concerned about reports the ferry ‘Santa Regina’ was on auto pilot in the Tory Channel on June 9 in breach of Maritime Safety Authority rules.

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Ferry company safety shortcuts not acceptable

The Maritime Union says attempts to sack the crew of the Cook Strait ferry “Kent” by employers Strait Shipping is driven by attempts by management to bypass new safety regulations.

Maritime Union Wellington Branch Secretary Mike Williams says the threats to sack a crew is because the workers will not compromise on health and safety.

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Maritime Union backs ‘Aratere’ ferry investigation

The Maritime Union says it supports the Maritime Safety Authority (MSA) decision not to allow the interisland ferry ‘Aratere’ to sail until it was satisfied the ferry was safe.

The ‘Aratere’ suffered steering problems yesterday evening in Wellington harbour.

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