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Interport 2011 0

Interport 2011

Interport 2011 video by Stu Crawford of MUNZ Local 10 Port Chalmers Dunedin Branch

1951 lockout documentary (part 1) 1

1951 lockout documentary (part 1)

In 1951, New Zealand temporarily became a police state. Civil liberties were curtailed, freedom of speech denied, and the Government used force against its own citizens. This film tells the story of the infamous lockout of waterside workers and the nationwide strike which followed.

Winning in the world’s ports 0

Winning in the world’s ports

In every corner of the globe, dock workers’ unions are organising. A film produced for the ITF dockers section conference at the ITF 42nd Congress.

It’ll ruin us! 0

It’ll ruin us!

Aussie Mining corporations complaining about new super profit tax – heard it all before?