May 20, 2024

ACT-dominated Luxon Government would be a disaster for working people

The Maritime Union says a late shift in the polls indicates that New Zealand workers are becoming aware of the dangers of a change of Government and extreme right-wing policies. 

Maritime Union of New Zealand National Secretary Craig Harrison says the majority of New Zealanders are working people who need pro-worker policies.

“We are sounding the alarm that a Christopher Luxon Government would be dominated by the ACT Party and would wage war on workers.”

He says the destruction of Fair Pay Agreements and re-introduction of 90 Day Trials would push down wages and conditions for New Zealand’s most undervalued essential workers.

Even more extreme ACT policies include a three-year freeze on rises in the minimum wage and attacks on sick leave entitlements would plunge thousands into financial hardship and poverty.

“Christopher Luxon is out of touch with the struggles of the working class of Aotearoa New Zealand. He does not understand the struggles of everyday people. He will give ACT whatever they want to get the numbers he needs.”

“Tax cuts for mega landlords, cuts to public services, and making life harder for workers – this is not a positive vision and will make our society less fair, less successful and less caring.”

Mr Harrison says the latest analysis of National Party tax policy shows any benefits would largely flow to the already wealthy, not the supposed squeezed middle.

“The message from the Maritime Union to our members and all workers and their whanau is to use your vote to build a better future for yourself.”

Mr Harrison says the National–ACT combo also have a backward and outmoded approach to transport policy.

“It is clear that there needs to be a mode shift to resilient and low emission modes like coastal shipping but National–ACT have no solutions for a rapidly changing world.”

In contrast, Mr Harrison says substantial progress in the ports and shipping sector in the last term needs to be continued under a Labour-led Government.

He says three key successes of the current Government have been in building coastal shipping capability, improving health and safety through the Ports Health and Safety Leadership Group, and laying the foundations for improved conditions in the industry through Fair Pay Agreements.

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