June 17, 2024

Maritime Union offers thanks to Jacinda Ardern

The Maritime Union has offered its thanks to Jacinda Ardern for her service to New Zealand, on her announcement she will be resigning as Prime Minister next month.

Maritime Union of New Zealand National Secretary Craig Harrison says Ms Ardern has led the country through unprecedented times.

“Jacinda Ardern will be remembered as one of New Zealand’s great Prime Ministers.”

He says her response and leadership with events such as the Christchurch mosque shooting and the COVID pandemic showed strong and empathetic leadership.

Mr Harrison says under Jacinda Ardern’s leadership, major progress has been made in the maritime transport industry.

“More progress for the maritime industry has been made with this Government than in decades and this should be given more prominence.”

He says her legacy of her time as Prime Minister includes the resurgence of coastal shipping, improving health and safety standards, and Fair Pay Agreements (FPA) which will improve the lives of the most vulnerable workers.

The Maritime Union is currently organizing for an FPA in the ports industry.

Mr Harrison says it is an unfortunate reality that the Prime Minister and others have had to contend with a degenerating quality of public debate and personal attacks.

“We really acknowledge how the Prime Minister has continued to serve the people of New Zealand in this environment at a personal cost to herself and her family.”

The Maritime Union of New Zealand is an affiliate of the Labour Party.

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