Maritime Union statement on Lyttelton port death

Updated Sunday 8 May 2022

Maritime Union of New Zealand National Secretary Craig Harrison says the death of an Lyttelton port worker is the tragic loss of life of another worker and has shaken the maritime industry.

Don Grant, who was a Lyttelton Port Company employee and a Maritime Union member, died on the morning Monday 25 April in a workplace accident.

The fatality occurred on the ship ETG Aquarius berthed at Cashin Quay at the Port of Lyttelton during coal loading operations.

Maritime Union National Secretary Craig Harrison says workmates of the man were devastated by the death and the Union would offer support to workers and the man’s family.

Mr Harrison says the death has hit workers in the industry hard, as it follows from the workplace death of a young worker Atiroa Tuaiti at the Ports of Auckland last week.

A national inquiry into ports health and safety has been announced by the Government with the support of unions.

“These deaths and serious injuries in the port industry should not be happening, and the controls and processes and culture need to be fixed through national standards.”


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