Vale John Coombs

Paddy Crumlin
National Secretary
Maritime Union of Australia


2 September 2021


Dear Paddy

On behalf of the Maritime Union of New Zealand, please accept our condolences and respect on the passing of John Coombs. John was held in high regard by our Union.

His leadership of the MUA at the time of the Patrick Dispute had an international impact. There is no doubt that if there had been a different outcome in that dispute, employers around the Pacific would have followed in the attack on organized labour.

As it was the MUA stood fast, and we all benefited from the message that maritime workers are an internationally organized force to be reckoned with. The international links that were forged and strengthened at that time have remained in place ever since.

John’s life-time record of work includes the formation of the MUA and establishment of industry super funds, and these achievements speak for themselves.

He leaves a great legacy, and we share your sorrow at his loss, while celebrating his life. Please pass on to John’s family our sympathy and best wishes.

Vale comrade.

Yours in unity,

Craig Harrison
National Secretary
Maritime Union of New Zealand


MUA tribute to John Coombs online here   

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