COVID-19 vaccination update

The COVID-19 vaccine is now rolling out at ports and many of our members as essential workers will have the opportunity to be vaccinated.

MUNZ encourages all members to take advantage of this vaccine to protect yourself, your family, your workmates and the wider community.

The Government has gone through a very stringent process, and the advice of qualified public health officials is to be vaccinated if possible. MUNZ has attended meetings with Government officials about this issue.

In some cases, individuals may not wish to be vaccinated – due to other health conditions, or personal objection or concerns about the vaccine.

Vaccination is not compulsory and while some employers are saying it is, this is not the case. While MUNZ would prefer members to vaccinate voluntarily, there should be no victimization of those who do not. Any breaches should be reported to your branch officials.

It may be that some employers place non-vaccinated staff on different duties, if this does not disadvantage the member in question it is probably reasonable, but if in doubt contact your branch official.

Please download this Vaccination information document from the Government for more details.

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