Maritime Union backs change of Government to put workers first

The Maritime Union says a change of Government is required to deliver secure jobs and decent wages for New Zealand workers.

Maritime Union National Secretary Joe Fleetwood says workers seemed to be coming last under current policies.

In terms of employment legislation, many New Zealand workers were suffering from the effects of casualization and insecure work.

Workers needed a level of security and income that could underpin a stable family life and community, he says.

Mr Fleetwood says that for many working families, wages were not paying for a reasonable standard of living.

“The cost of basic necessities such as housing and food is hurting many people and creating a poverty trap for the vulnerable.”

Low wages and ongoing mass unemployment had created a social crisis and there was no indication that the Government were taking these issues seriously.

Mr Fleetwood says the Maritime Union was supporting a Labour-led Government.

Some policies advocated by the Greens and Internet Mana would also benefit working people, he said.

“We need a long term social vision for New Zealand driven by an active, pro-worker Government working for the majority.”

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