Get out and vote

June 13 marks the launch of the union movement’s Get Out and Vote election campaign.

CTU Get Out And Vote aims to mobilise the hundreds of thousands of people who enrol but don’t vote – 31% of enrolled voters didn’t vote in 2011.

This year you can vote at any time from September 3 through to September 20.

It’s easy to sign up with the union movement’s Get Out and Vote campaign!

Sign on here to be a volunteer, and talk to talk to workmates, friends and neighbours to ask them to make a pledge to be a voter at this election.  We’ll be in touch with the resources you need (like pledge cards and information leaflets) and let you know about events in your area and ideas for things to share on social media – so you can help us Get Out and Vote!

Are you a Voter?

Even if you aren’t able to volunteer, we want you to make a pledge to be a voter at this year’s election.  Make a pledge to be a voter (make sure you’re enrolled to vote too).  We’ll make sure you have all the information you need about where and when to vote.

Authorised by Helen Kelly, NZCTU, Level 7, 178 Willis Street, Wellington

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