Productivity bonuses for workers at Ports of Auckland a positive sign

The Maritime Union of New Zealand (MUNZ) says productivity bonuses paid to Ports of Auckland workers who are members of MUNZ are a “positive sign.”

Maritime Union of New Zealand National President Garry Parsloe says despite ongoing negotiations towards a Collective Agreement, workers were showing strong commitment and hard work even in the current stressful environment.

He says that a process of incremental, negotiated productivity improvements had got results and would continue to do so if secure jobs were promoted at the port.

Mr Parsloe says given these productivity bonuses, reported comments by Ports of Auckland Limited CEO Tony Gibson to the Waikato Institute of Directors in a speech last week were odd.

He says that while MUNZ agreed with Mr Gibson that good progress was being made through facilitation towards a settlement, there were other comments that MUNZ had some concerns with.

Mr Gibson’s comments about poor productivity made no sense when productivity bonuses were being paid to workers, following the shelving of management’s contracting out plan.

“Our members just want to concentrate on their jobs, and providing for their families, with some security going forward, and this is reflected by their productivity.”

Another comment that the board and management had become “integrated” and had “become one” was also concerning, leading to questions about whether the Board of Directors responsibility to the owners of the port (as opposed to management) had become compromised.


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