Mayor, Church mediation offers in Ports dispute warmly welcomed

The Maritime Union has warmly welcomed an offer of mediation from the Mayor of Auckland Len Brown, and the Anglican and Roman Catholic bishops, made publicly over the last two days.

Today on current affairs programme Q+A the Mayor said he wanted to step in to the dispute between the parties to find a solution.

“The Mayor’s offer in particular is extremely important as the Council is the owner of the Ports, and we believe it is now being wrecked by the Ports board,” said Garry Parsloe, Maritime Union of New Zealand National President.

“We will meet any time any day with any decent offer to get this issue resolved”.

On Friday Anglican and Roman Catholic bishops in Auckland offered their leadership in a spirit of reconciliation to help resolve the dispute.

The bishops said they were concerned for the welfare of workers and their families, and for the future of the waterfront industry, and that they were willing also to work with city leaders to find a solution.

Garry Parsloe said the bishops’ offer was a generous one.

“We’ll warmly welcome the help of the Anglican and Roman Catholic bishops,” he said.

“They have demonstrated they understand that at its core, this dispute is about people and their lives.”

“Our deep concern during these negotiations has been the impact the proposed changes from Ports management would have on our members’ job security and their ability to prioritise time with their families and other commitments outside work.”

“It is in the interests of everyone in Auckland to resolve this dispute in a way that protects secure jobs and ensures a sustainable and successful Ports of Auckland.”

“We hope Ports management will take kindly to the offer also, and respect the role of the Council as the owners of the Ports and the importance of the offer from the Mayor,” Garry Parsloe said.

Yesterday around 5,000 people gathered at a Save Our Port campaign rally in Auckland.

2 thoughts on “Mayor, Church mediation offers in Ports dispute warmly welcomed

  • March 13, 2012 at 8:40 pm

    The valiant 300 stand locked out alone
    Log jamming a third of all Kiwi trade
    Trying to save their lively hoods and homes
    Board room manipulations are underway

    We’ll serve them all up redundancy
    And rehire labour that’s far cheaper
    To keep the Port’s financial fecundity
    And profit graph incline even steeper

    This isn’t Kiwi, it just isn’t cricket
    The Champaign set makes all the rules
    And to fire workmen whilst on the picket
    Clearly defines them greedy arrogant fools

    More acres of dockland needed they claim
    Stacked containers to blight the harbour view
    Towards Devonport 250 meters are aimed
    With modernisation only to be staffed by few

    What are director’s fees annually I wonder?
    Compared to those that actually do the graft
    It may very well disclose whose set on plunder
    While other ports struggle to service all the craft

    The working world is watching your fate
    Will international industrial action follow?
    Stand Resolute as you are at the gate
    And you will have your answers tomorrow

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