Public rally backs secure work and sustainable Ports

Aucklanders wanting to make a stand against casualisation of work are being invited to join Ports of Auckland workers at a community rally this afternoon.

“Despite Ports of Auckland pushing ahead with their proposal to dismiss nearly 300 workers and casualise their jobs, this issue is most certainly not over for these workers,” CTU president Helen Kelly said.

“New Zealanders are increasingly concerned about the impact of casualisation on their families.”

“We need jobs that are secure and safe, and that’s what the Ports of Auckland dispute is about – a group of workers who want the ability to be able to say when they’ll be free to spend time with their family, without the worry of being called in to work.”

The workers are taking their case to the Employment Court to get a ruling on whether dismissing them in the middle of negotiations for a new collective agreement is legal, Helen Kelly said.

She said that the rally is a chance for the public of Auckland to make a stand for secure work, and let the Auckland Council know they expect better from its Council companies, to treat workers fairly.

“Len Brown cannot stand by and let this proposal go ahead on his watch.  He needs to take a stand for job security for port workers and their families.”

The rally will feature speeches from port workers, community leaders, international union supporters, and others as well as entertainment and food at Teal Park to follow.  A number of people were planning to come down to the rally after their day at Pasifika, she said.


Rally at Britomart, 4pm Saturday 10 March

Then on to Teal Park for speeches, food and entertainment

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