Why wharfies are striking – in their own words (+ photos)

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  1. Trish says:

    Our family’s future has been put into disarray because of this dispute with Ports Management. Even though we are finding it really difficult to manage the uncertainty of the outcome of this dispute, we wholeheartedly support the unions stand. It is obvious that the Management of Ports are trying their darndest to drag this situation out in an effort to break the union and the families. But we will continue to stand up for what we believe is right. The management have no integrity, they (directors and the CEO of Ports) get paid the big bucks to manage efficiency at the Port, but the more important question should be, “Who manages the risk from the bad decisions made by them (the directors and CEO of the Port), and who makes them accountable for their own mismanagement of time and money. It would appear that the CEO was referring to his managers when he made the statement about Port workers getting paid $90K because we certainly are not making that much and our family have been with the Port for 16 years. If we should have been getting paid $90k then we may take the case to the employment tribunal for being underpaid.

  2. Stefanie O'Brien says:

    What has happened to the link for this? It seems dead, and it was such a well put together read. I was going to use it with my kids who about to do a school trip to the Ports to explain what the strike was about (and for their teachers to inform themselves better…) But nothing there????

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