Ports of Auckland management negligent – Council of Trade Unions

Despite Port employers acknowledging in Mediation today that a proposal tabled by the Maritime Union went “a considerable way to meeting its labour allocation issues and was big in a financial sense to the Port” the Port employers rejected the opportunity to settle this dispute unless the workers concede complete managerial discretion to the employer over the manner in which they are employed.

CTU President Helen Kelly, who attended the mediation today, said the management were now acting irresponsibly “today they effectively acknowledged a deal was on the table but they unwilling to settle. The workers at the port now have no choice but to continue campaigning to protect their regular employment, which will inevitably include industrial activity.”

“To put this asset owned by the people of Auckland in such a precarious position, for no obvious reason, is negligent in the extreme,” said Helen Kelly.


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  1. DooDaa says:

    If the maritime Union goes down it will be followed by all Unions then all non Union workers will also suffer as there will be no standards for employers to match.
    Why would they pay non union workers when everyone is non union?

    And for you small bussiness owners if Big business can get such low labour costs then how will you compete when they slash thier prices to get rid of you?

    It’s been done elsewhere now its here so watch your back if the Maritime Union falls we all do!

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