Ports of Auckland management dealings with political activists creates angry response from workers

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  1. trot4 says:

    What exactly are you striking for ?

    I’ve had a look back through the blog but can’t see what the dispute is actually about.

    Honest question.

  2. Bill says:

    12 hours shifts are outrageous in todays world. Gibson’s forbearers’ would be turning over in their graves at the barbaric suggestions. How would Gibson feel if a driver fell asleep & killed or injured a member of his family, from just being over tired . Contracting out to save cost & increasing hours is not acceptable even driving those portainer cranes, straddles even 8 hours is too much. Gibson wants 12 hours of it. Bet he has never been up in one. Safety is far more important then a couple extra dollars. All those stevedore firms are the same a pack of bastards. A few years ago another bastard firm used to phone us up at 11.55am (just before the cut off time) to tell us the ship had been delayed so no work at 4pm & therefore no pay. Or we weren’t told when working 4pm– midnight what shift we were on the next day until just before we finished that night.
    Even told there was no work the next day, but at 6.30am got phone call to say come in now for 7.30am start. They too would love all casuals / partimer’s . Pay only when you work. Give & take but Gibson wants take take take now sack sack sack.


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