Ports of Auckland CEO bombards workers with letters and threat of total outsourcing

Union members who work at Ports of Auckland have been bombarded with intimidating letters from their CEO, including one that outlines a proposal to contract out all waterfront work at the Port.

Maritime Union National President Garry Parsloe says last week workers received three separate letters from Ports of Auckland CEO Tony Gibson.

One of the letters stated:

“POAL also intends to review the desirability of contracting out some or all of its container terminal operations and support services to third party contractors. Again, this could result in redundancies from the container terminal workforce.”

Mr Parsloe says the letters were calculated to intimidate workers a couple of weeks before Christmas.

“You can imagine the effect on a young family struggling to pay a mortgage when their employer says that he is considering total outsourcing of their families main income earner’s job.”

He says there can be no other intent behind a letter sent to workers apart from intimidation.

“Behind all the corporate gloss about caring for their employees, the mask is beginning to fall away and revealing the ruthlessness and the dictatorial attitude.”

Mr Parsloe says Ports of Auckland have specifically asked that management negotiate with their elected union advocates for collective bargaining purposes.

“Mr Gibson chooses to ignore the wishes of his workers and instead takes an approach that will continue to block any resolution of the dispute.”

Mr Parsloe says the actions of the Ports of Auckland management had managed to wreck any chances of any early settlement to the dispute, as workers had naturally reacted to what they perceived as a direct threat to their livelihoods from a hostile CEO.

He says the Maritime Union was suggesting users of the Ports of Auckland contact Mr Gibson to urge him to take a more constructive approach to workplace relations.

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