Maritime Union will campaign against Government attacks on workers

The Maritime Union of New Zealand says changes in employment law today are just the start of a broader attack on New Zealand’s society by the National Government’s right wing agenda.
Maritime Union General Secretary Joe Fleetwood says the changes to employment laws that come into force today (1 April) are serious enough, but represent the tip of the iceberg.
“The fire at will law, and the attempt to hinder workers from getting access to representation from unions, are clearly intended to rip into the wages, conditions and hard won rights of working class people.”
“The picture is now emerging of a National Government preparing to embark on a second attack to complete their programme of the 1990s, under the banner of austerity for the workers to pay for tax cuts for the rich.”
He says that the problem for most New Zealand workers is the ongoing insecurity of work, caused by unemployment, casualization and low wages.
He says if National is returned at the next election, working New Zealanders will face continued high unemployment, privatization of public assets, and ongoing attacks on the rights of workers.
“At a time that New Zealanders require collective community power and unity to recover from disaster and economic recession, this Government’s policies are undermining our ability to get New Zealand back on track.”
The Maritime Union would shortly announce its priorities for industrial and social goals for the 2011 election.

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