Reverse tax cuts for millionaires – and leave our public services alone!

The Maritime Union of New Zealand says New Zealand workers have to get ready for a serious and long term battle to defend public services.
Maritime Union General Secretary Joe Fleetwood says there are clear indications the National Government intends to drain resources from public services and create more unemployment.
A speech by Finance Minister Bill English today to the Institute of Public Administration outlined the National Government’s plan of so-called austerity measures and an ongoing assault on public services.
Mr Fleetwood says last years tax cuts for the wealthy have now been confirmed as irresponsible and unaffordable.
“This is austerity for the workers to pay for handouts for those travelling first class.”
“The Finance Minister has said that he will cut so-called ‘nice to have’ services. The Maritime Union says that now is the time to reverse the tax cuts that are ‘nice to have’ for those on upper incomes, like John Key and Bill English.”
Mr Fleetwood said the response of New Zealand should be to copy workers in the UK, USA, Ireland and France who have strongly resisted attacks on public services and workers in those services.
“At this time, New Zealand needs strong, well-resourced public services and state investment to rebuild from natural disasters and to tackle unemployment which remains at serious levels.”
He says the National Government now intends to further starve public services of resources in order to pay for the “sports car and champagne” tax cuts to their friends.
The Maritime Union would play a leading role in defending public services and workers from any attacks by the Government.

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