Employment law changes will create backlash against Government

The Maritime Union of New Zealand has vowed to go on the offensive against employment law changes pushed through by the National Government.

The passing of the Employment Relations Act and Holidays Act Amendment Bills in Parliament yesterday spells the beginning of the end for the John Key Government, says the Union.

Maritime Union of New Zealand General Secretary Joe Fleetwood says the law changes are about one thing – making life harder and sucking more profit out of hard pressed working people.

“On top of the GST hike on workers, unemployment, low wages, rewriting laws overnight for multinationals, and the continued attacks on the education system, the rot has set in for a National Government that has turned against the people.”

“These laws are an attack on workers. The National Government is against working people. John Key is a multi millionaire from the finance speculation sector and he represents multi millionaires. He has no interest in the wellbeing of the majority of New Zealanders.”

Mr Fleetwood says the Maritime Union will be on the front line in fighting any laws that threaten the wellbeing of working people.

That would mean ramping up an ongoing campaign against the National Government and employers who used the new laws against workers.

Mr Fleetwood says the reality of what the law changes means may take some time to sink in for many people.

“As workers see their workmates sacked for stupid reasons or no reasons under the 90 day fire at will law, then disquiet and concern will turn to anger.”

He says the key issues for workers in New Zealand at the moment are low pay, unemployment and insecurity of jobs by contracting out and casualization.

“On all these issues the National Government has failed workers completely.”

“Workers in unions have better wages, conditions and representation. If you are a worker get in a union now, because this National Government is working against your interests.”

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