Roger Douglas youth rates bill an attack on workers

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  1. Heidi says:

    This is utterly ridiculous, a cursory reading of economic history in New Zealand would disprove the argument in this press release.

    I note that you don’t refer to skyrocketing youth unemployment. How convenient.

    You have utter disrespect for a man who has earnt his place in society. The shame rests with you.

    • admin says:

      OK, Heidi:

      skyrocketing youth unemployment has skyrocketed in the last year. If you read newspapers, you will notice that due to the deregulated finance markets of capitalism, there was a major economic crash around the world. Like most other deregulated economies, New Zealand unemployment has indeed skyrocketed in this period under a National Government that has no interest in dealing with the problem. Youth unemployment has everything to do with this, and nothing to do with youth rates.

      As for the economic history, we’re talking about the economic history of New Zealand, I think you must be talking about the economic history of Mars.

      Under a regulated and protected economy, two sample periods 1964-1967 growth rates were 5.5% and in 1974 were 7.1%.

      In the immediate post-Douglas period (1989) we saw economic growth of -1.4% and in 1992 under Ruth Richardson it was -1.7%.

      Registered unemployed in 1960 was 600 or 0.07% of the labour force. Registered unemployment in 1974 was 700 or 0.06% of the labour force.

      Under Roger Douglas’s policies, by 1989 there were 153,561 unemployed, and under the continuation of ACT style policies by Ruth Richardson unemployment peaked at 235,000 in 1992.

      Roger Douglas has earned nothing. He’s certainly made the lives of a lot of working class people miserable, despite building his career from the Labour Party that (once) represented them. Now he’s having a last crack to see if he can push a few more into poverty.

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