Maritime Union thanks Sue Bradford for her support for workers

The Maritime Union of New Zealand has thanked Green MP Sue Bradford, who announced her resignation from Parliament today, for her support for workers and those without a voice in the political process.

Maritime Union General Secretary Trevor Hanson says Sue Bradford was a friend of the Maritime Union and all workers.

“Sue was a principle driven politician during her time in Parliament who was ahead of her time and who provided a contrast to many other faceless representatives.”

Mr Hanson says that Ms Bradford was one of the few MPs in Parliament who understood the crossover between social, economic and environmental policies.

He says she was a strong advocate for coastal shipping as an environmentally friendly transport mode.

Mr Hanson says Sue Bradford was also a friend of New Zealand workers and her resignation was a loss to Parliament.

“Her activist background gave her a real understanding of the struggle of unemployed and low paid workers since the 1980s.”

He says he expects Ms Bradford to continue to be an active and effective political advocate outside Parliament.

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