Inquiry into fishing industry needed

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  1. daren coulston says:

    absolutely agree.
    see this website;
    and this article;

    all the best with it!

  2. Hector Thorpe says:

    Congratulations, it would seem our retired General Secretary Trevor Hanson’s call for an inquiry back in 2009, together with our current campaign for an inquiry into the fishing industry is gaining some traction.

    The documentary “The Great New Zealand Fishing Scandal” by Guy Henderson uncovered developments of “unconstrained greed” in the industry.

    Other unions are now calling for, and receiving support from Labour, Maori and the Green parties alleging some of the big fishing companies have shown callous, uncaring and disrespectful attitudes to workers.

    The Service and Food Workers Union also wants MPs to probe the industry’s relationship with foreign fishing companies, foreign crewing of joint ventures, charters and local fishing vessels, and its effects on sustainable fishing practices, and jobs. Because “In the last three years over 1500 workers employed on land and at sea have lost their jobs in the seafood industry”.

  1. August 5, 2009

    […] Inquiry into fishing industry needed | Maritime Union of New ZealandThe Maritime Union says information revealed in a New Zealand documentary on the fishing industry must be followed up by a Government inquiry. The documentary The Great New Zealand Fishing Scandal by investigative journalist Guy … […]

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