Removal of Ports of Auckland chairman is a positive move

The Maritime Union says the removal of Ports of Auckland chairman Gary Judd last week is for the best.

Maritime Union Local 13 President Denis Carlisle says the removal of Ports of Auckland chairman Gary Judd by Auckland Regional Holdings could lead to a more positive atmosphere.

He says the Union has been concerned about the approach of Mr Judd and his level of commitment to the Ports of Auckland as a public asset owned by the people of Auckland.

“We hope his replacement will be a moderating influence on management, and we would like to see directors who have a clear commitment to managing this important asset in the public interest for the benefit of Auckland.”

Mr Carlisle says the Union is keen to meet the new chairperson of the Board to discuss issues of concern.

“We believe the Ports of Auckland need to be focussed on stable business, and the current moves by management to introduce major changes and make productive workers redundant are not helping the Port.”

The Maritime Union represents over four hundred workers at the Ports of Auckland.

The Union has issued a strike notice in order to hold a stop work meeting between 12 noon and 4.30pm on Friday 5 June 2009 to discuss their collective employment agreement.


For more information, contact Maritime Union of New Zealand Auckland Waterfront Local 13 President Denis Carlisle on 021963528

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