Maritime Union comes to aid of Russian crew in Ports of Auckland

The Maritime Union is taking action to recover the unpaid wages of a Russian crew aboard an arrested ship in the Ports of Auckland.

Maritime Union Local 13 President Denis Carlisle says the Union has been assisting the crew aboard the ‘Southern Pearl’ and is now representing the crew members.

He says the crew contacted the Union with their problems.

“The crew have not been paid and have been surviving on very poor food, no milk, vegetables or fruit. The amount of money they have been getting by on is very poor. It’s a concerning financial situation for them especially given that the vessel has been arrested.”

Mr Carlisle says the “flag of convenience” vessel has no agreement with the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) who ensure crews are paid a reasonable wage and have decent conditions.

He says the goal of the Union will be to ensure crew members receive their pay before leaving New Zealand.

“Our international connections with other maritime workers will ensure this case is resolved satisfactorily.”

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