Maritime Union concerned at treatment of Wellington Coroner

The Maritime Union of New Zealand has spoken out against the replacement of Wellington coroner Garry Evans and paid tribute to his long service.

Maritime Union General Secretary Trevor Hanson says the Union has worked alongside Mr Evans going back at least 40 years.

Mr Hanson says Mr Evan’s approach to everyday human problems was consistent.

“Any average citizen with in particular accident related problems received 100% assistance, and any Government Agency that did not fulfil their lawful duty was quickly reprimanded.”

Mr Hanson says Mr Evans has assisted thousands of citizens, mostly from working class backgrounds, who struggled with the complexities of legislation.

“Many low paid workers from around New Zealand have been assisted by Garry and usually with satisfactory outcomes.”

He says that that since Mr Evans appointment as Coroner, his principles have strengthened his decisions and have had a positive benefit both for Wellington and New Zealand.

Mr Hanson says the replacement of Mr Evans is troubling to the Maritime Union and to lose his experience and credibility would be a bad mistake.

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