Major new New Zealand Transport Union on track

The Rail and Maritime Transport Union (RMTU) and Maritime Union of New Zealand (MUNZ) have announced an ‘agreement in principle’ to form a major new transport union.

A joint negotiating team has outlined a process for the formation of the new amalgamated Union that will cover both maritime workers in ports and on vessels, Rail and other Transport Industry workers.

Further negotiations will now take place on the final structure of the new Union, with the final proposal to be voted on by all members of the RMTU and MUNZ.

RMTU National Secretary Wayne Butson says both parties agree that much work has yet to be done on finalizing the rules and structures of the new Union and to resolving any outstanding issues.

MUNZ General Secretary Trevor Hanson says both parties have agreed to establish a process to further the establishment of the new Union and have committed to a timetable agreed by both parties.

The new Union would bring together all workers in New Zealand ports in one Union, and would have a major influence on the logistics chain by uniting workers in different areas of the land transport sector.

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