Industrial action on cards if job losses from Stadium

The Maritime Union of New Zealand says the Port of Auckland is too important to be disrupted by the proposed waterfront stadium.

Maritime Union Local 13 President Denis Carlisle says job losses are a major concern if the stadium interferes with the running of Ports of Auckland, and the Union would consider industrial action to protect workers livelihoods.

“The Ports of Auckland are asking for guarantees that they will not suffer any financial loss from the stadium project, and likewise the Maritime Union will be seeking compensation for our members for any loss of work.”

He says the issue is about safeguarding Port of Auckland’s role as a major working port.

“Any waterfront stadium must not cause disruption to the Ports of Auckland, as this is one of the key gateways between New Zealand and the global economy.”

He says the consequences of disruption to New Zealand’s transport chain and economic wellbeing outweigh the benefits of a waterfront stadium.

Mr Carlisle says thousands of people’s livelihoods depend on the port directly, as well as the Port being a central part of the regional and national economic infrastructure.

“Our members enjoy their sport as well, but the bottom line is that jobs and livelihoods of all New Zealanders have to come before entertainment.”

He says over $1.5 billion of trade comes through the port every year and is continually growing.

Mr Carlisle says the Union backs the Port’s stance that its overriding concern is to maintain the efficient operation of the port and the quality of service.

For further information please contact Maritime Union of New Zealand Local 13 President Denis Carlisle on 021963528

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