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KPI to enter into regional federation

Indonesia’s Seafarer Union, Kesatuan Pelaut Indonsia (KPI) has agreed to enter into a federation with transport unions from Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand after a formative meeting in Kupang, Indonesia.

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Get out and vote

Seafarers Ben and Byron are voting in the General Election in September 2014 and having their say about the Government.

To find out more about how you can vote or get your workmates, friends and family voting, visit the union website

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Vale Brad Fletcher, MUNZ Lyttelton Branch President

The Maritime Union is greatly saddened by the death of Maritime Union Lyttelton Branch President Brad Fletcher in a workplace accident on Thursday 28 August 2014. Maritime Union National Secretary Joe Fleetwood says the death of Brad Fletcher, a full-time worker at the Port of Lyttelton, was a great shock. Brad was a highly respected figure in Lyttelton and within the Maritime Union, and the Union would be supporting his workmates and family.