International day of action for dockers

Wellington MUNZ

MUNZ members at Centreport Wellington on the Global Dockers Day of Action

On 7 July 2016 the International Transport Workers’ Federation and International Dockworkers’ Council are organising to observe a global day of action that recognises the important contribution dockworkers make to the global economy, the risks they face at work every day and their growing concerns for the future regarding attacks on their working conditions. A tribute to fallen and in
jured comrades will be included.

The Maritime Union of New Zealand has joined this day by holding actions throughout New Zealand ports to raise awareness of the issues facing our industry including:

  • Health & safety
  • Precarious work
  • Respect for collective bargaining rights and agreements
  • Labour standards in global companies
  • Automation and social justice

For more information, see the website

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