Ports of Auckland workers return to work

At 8.30 am tomorrow a group of engineers will be the first of the MUNZ members to return to work at the Ports of Auckland.

MUNZ President Garry Parsloe is pleased for the sake of the workers and for all Aucklanders.

“Our members are very happy to be returning to work. They want to continue to be part of a successful port business that benefits us all,” he says.

“The Auckland port is a vital to the New Zealand economy and our members want to be on the job contributing their skills and energy, not standing outside the gates while the port stands idle at a huge cost to every one of us.

“The workers are all going back with a very positive attitude. They know what needs to be done to get the port up to speed again and they will be getting on and doing it.”

Garry Parsloe and workers reporting for work will be available for interview at:

Tinsley Street entrance to Bledisloe Wharf
8 am Thursday, April 5, 2012

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