Breakers fan stoked thundersticks will be there on Friday

New Zealand Breakers fan Matt Balmforth is stoked that the thundersticks will be there in time for Friday’s semi final at Vector Arena.

A Ports of Auckland worker for the past 14 years, Matt Balmforth is a close follower of the Breakers, and will be at Friday night’s game against the Townsville Crocodiles.

“The thundersticks can be bloody loud at times but it’s all part of the atmosphere,” he said.

“I’m pleased KiwiRail will help get them there in time.”

But Matt said this delay shouldn’t have happened in the first place, and he wants to see the Ports of Auckland back moving freight again for businesses and groups like the Breakers.

Matt is one of nearly 300 Ports of Auckland workers who the company has locked out indefinitely.

He says all he and his workmates want to do is get back to work with a fair employment agreement and get the Ports up and running again.

“The Breakers shouldn’t have had this extra stress.  It was totally avoidable, if Ports management hadn’t pushed ahead with its attempt to dismiss all of us and bring in contractors.”

Matt said he hoped other Auckland businesses would send a message to Ports management to end the lockout and get the Port running again for Auckland.

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