Unlawful lockout escalates Ports dispute

Ports of Auckland workers are shocked to learn that the Ports have moved to lock them out of their jobs.

Ports workers have this morning been served an official lock out notice from the Ports of Auckland, to take effect in two weeks.  The notice is for an indefinite lockout.

But for the next two weeks, between now and then when Ports workers are lawfully able to return to their jobs if a strike is lifted, the company will lock the Port gates and prevent them from returning – amounting to an unlawful lockout.

This move comes even before they have even had a chance to meet and discuss developments at their union meeting today at midday, Maritime Union president Garry Parsloe said.

The workers will protest at Ports this afternoon, he said.

“Ports workers are ready to go back to work and get this Port moving again for Auckland.

“It is deeply disturbing that the company’s vision is so blurred on this dispute, that they now want to stop the Port functioning.”

“Governance at the Ports of Auckland is out of control.  It’s time for the Mayor and Councils to step in and sack this board, and replace them with a group who are willing to run this important asset properly for the benefit of Auckland,” he said.

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