How to support Ports of Auckland workers

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  1. Kyle Webster says:

    All courage to your members in the current dispute in Auckland

  2. Don Franks says:

    Your stand for working class principle has my utmost admiration and appreciation.
    Please let me know what supporters might be able to do down in Wellington.

  3. ted ripaki says:

    i am in full support as we may be subject to the same treatment our selvs in the not to distant future so go hard brothers and good luck.

  4. H. T. says:

    Your principled stand for job security in the workplace will ensure a beneficial result for yourselves and others also the employers will think twice before any future attempt to put their jack boot on the throat of fellow workers. Thanks and Kia Kaha. Crew member Oil Tanker Torea

  5. darryl robb says:

    this is a fight for all workers in this country of ours. What we see here is the future of our countrys industrial vision. CHEAP LABOUR,CASUALISATION,DISUNITY AMONGST WORKERS,BIGGER PROFITS AT THE EXPENSE OF WORKERS AND FAMILYS SUFFERING. AS IF ITS NOT BAD ENOUGH ALLREADY, PANDERING TO OVERSEAS SHIPPING LINES,Amazing how quick Maersk and frontera were to say goodbye to the port of auckland, what ever the outcome i would imagine they would be back within hours i just cant help but think these two companies and the port of auckland have sat down together to plan this out and make the workers out to be the bad guys and get mileage for there dictatorship agenda.The eyes of the country are watching, Stand firm and staunch fight the battle all the way for the workers and familys of this country.

  6. Tony Green says:

    go the port workers!

  7. Kay Murray says:

    It’s a very grim day for New Zealanders now that the Ports of Auckland have announced they intend to make workers redundant and contract out work at the port.
    We in the Alliance party ask since when has it been a problem for workers to have secure well paid jobs? The Ports of Auckland CEO should be proud of the existing wages and working conditions of his staff, not waging war with them. Contracting out will mean private contractors compete to do the work at the lowest price but still make a decent profit for their company directors and shareholders.
    The Alliance believes that New Zealand has been in a race to the bottom for wages and conditions for the last 20 years. The party believes that only a fight back by workers can now redress this imbalance such as the one occurring at Ports of Auckland.
    Only strong unions can help secure the high wage, high productivity economy successive governments have long wanted.
    Thanks to the support of a strong union, Ports of Auckland workers have enjoyed decent wages and working conditions and in return have worked hard for their employer. The good pay and conditions enjoyed by wharf workers there need to be the norm for all of us if New Zealand is to become the productive high wage economy John Key talks about.
    Instead the Alliance believes that Ports of Auckland management has instigated this dispute as part of a plan to make them ready them for privatisation.
    Make no mistake, if Ports of Auckland workers lose this fight we all lose. Forget about closing the gap with Australia. A decent day’s work for a decent day’s pay is an idea that will be consigned to history.

  8. Sheila Hayes says:

    How can I send you some money for your strike fund. Preferably online banking

  9. jill malloy says:

    Working Class Heros
    I remember the 1951 Water siders strike. My father being among the miners who went out in support. Many of these men had experienced the Depression days of the 1930s. Now many of their desendants have never studied history enough, to understand just how dedicated many of that generation were. They had fought long and hard for workers rights, against extreme right wing tories. The people of this sad little country have mostly ignored the steady errosion of workers rights. Guess! they all now have university degrees, and picture themselves as the elite, guess what life is like a beehive, there must be workers, not all can be Queens. You are right to take a stand. Good Luck.


  10. Alex says:

    It is utterly ridiculous that when the Port Bosses are told by the courts they can’t try to break the strike by firing union workers exercising their DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS, they turn around and lock the workers who want to vote to go back to work.

    The Ports Bosses are using bully-boy tactics to break a union and it’s members. This is completely unacceptable. I’ve posted this on Facebook.

    Kia Kaha Workers. Hang in there, you aren’t alone.

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