Ports action puts Auckland businesses and jobs at risk

“The Ports of Auckland management decision not to settle a collective agreement and to continue with plans to dismiss the current workforce and contract out the Port jobs disregards the impact that more industrial unrest will have on Auckland businesses”, CTU president Helen Kelly said today.

“The issues raised by the Port regarding labour utilisation have been addressed by the union but it is determined to continue with its contracting plans regardless of the fact that it has the option to settle this matter and provide security of services to Auckland businesses. It is acting against the interests of all those that use the Port and could dramatically affect business in Auckland in already tough times”.

“The Port management acknowledged in mediation last week that the union position met its labour utilisation concerns and would bring big savings to the Port but in a high handed and arrogant way it has decided not to sort this dispute out and is also not giving any thought to how the Auckland economy will suffer”.

“The workers at the Port have made every effort to address the Port’s concerns and save their jobs”, Helen Kelly said.

“The Port seems to have no regard for its workers or the people of Auckland who rely on ships getting in and out.  It is living in a different world from the rest of us if it thinks Auckland business needs this unnecessary dispute”, she said.

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