Maritime Union message of support for ILWU Port of Longview workers

The Maritime Union of New Zealand supports the ILWU struggle for decent jobs at the Port of Longview.

We are appalled at the actions of police acting in collusion with multinational corporation EGT and the disgraceful attack on the ILWU protest.

Congratulations to all ILWU brothers and sisters for the active defence of decent jobs against predatory global corporates.

The Maritime Union has identified the New Zealand operations of one of the EGT partners and will be happy to register our strong protest to them and publicize their involvement in anti-union and anti-worker activities, if required. International solidarity is the key to defeating these attacks on working men and working women.

Please let us know if there is any way in which we can assist your struggle. Kia kaha tatau tatau – be strong, we are all one.

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